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Nokia PC Suite — the free manager for mobile phones of the Nokia company, intended for editing and synchronization with the computer of almost all data that are available in the mobile phone.


Nokia PC Suite irreplaceable assistant

With this program, Nokia PC Suite you can edit the phone book, upload to phone pictures, music, videos, Java-applications and a variety of programs. In addition, you can connect to the Internet using your phone. That is you can use the phone as the most ordinary modem (if this function is supported by phone). That all this you need to organize only a cable or adjusted wireless connections.

Besides all this with Nokia PC Suite, you can view the multimedia message, find the latest updates for your mobile phone or download and upload music to the phone popular portal OVI.

In addition, the program has a function to create a backup of your mobile phone, and then it saved on the PC. Obtaining a copy can be downloaded not only on the phone with some it was made, but on a different other.

The program interface is intuitive, even a novice. Thus, all of the functions of the program in the main window in the form of Tiles”. And when you hover the mouse pointer over the icon to any program you can read what it meant and how to Use it.

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Nokia Ovi Suite – a free set of tools with which you can have full access and control to your mobile phone. As already mentioned, this product is a direct successor of the program Nokia PC Suite.

By means of Nokia Ovi Suite you can edit and synchronize with your computer or the Ovi service practically all information which is stored on your phone. It is also possible to load/download music, to update ON the mobile phone, to make an exchange of photos and videoclips, to do reserve copyings of data, to load free cards on phone, etc.

If you have something that is not large enough or you just tired of the program Nokia PC Suite, we highly recommend that you remove it with the help of specially designed for this application – Nokia PC Suite Cleaner.


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